CATS announces update in light rail service to campus

Monday, February 27, 2017

At a Charlotte City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 27, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) CEO John Lewis announced the LYNX Blue Line Extension, including service to the UNC Charlotte campus, will not open as expected in August 2017.

Lewis explained the update is a result of construction coordination challenges, remaining system integration testing, vehicle and signalization testing, and safety reviews.

CATS is federally required to have the extension completed by March 2018; however, Lewis emphasized the organization’s commitment to identify time-saving activities that will allow the project to open earlier.

CATS has created a website with information about the new LYNX Blue Line Extension timeline.  Click here for more.

The University’s Light Rail Coordinating Committee continues to work on other aspects of the train’s arrival on campus, including ridership, communications and safety.

For more information on what UNC Charlotte is doing to support the project, visit the light rail website.