Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson, History Professor

Wilson has done research in the archives of companies that made weapons for World War II and in military and government archives. His search led him to the records of Boeing, Ford, DuPont, the businesses owned by Henry Kaiser and other important war contractors.

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Noushin Radnia

Noushin Radnia, Design Computation Master’s Degree

Before starting her graduate studies at UNC Charlotte in 2015, Radnia studied architecture in her native Iran. She worked at a small architecture studio for several years before deciding to return to school to narrow her research interests.

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Lori Thomas

Lori Thomas, Associate Professor of Social Work

The innovative “housing-first” approach to homelessness starts with a stable place to live and then assists with other problems. Lori Thomas’ research proves this approach to homelessness is working in Mecklenburg County.

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Jefferson Ellinger

Jefferson Ellinger, Associate Professor of Architecture

As a School of Architecture associate professor, Jefferson Ellinger specializes in sustainable design technique. He asks students to think about architecture and buildings in a way that will hopefully advancing the discipline.

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Pinku Mukherjee

Pinku Mukherjee, Irwin Belk Endowed Professor

“Cancer is 200 different diseases, so no one person will eradicate them all,” says Dr. Mukherjee. “However, several faculty researchers each focused on one disease can attack cancer by working together.”

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