• Gov. Cooper explores the power of Big Data

    North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s visit to UNC Charlotte on Wednesday, April 19, provided a hands-on opportunity for the state’s chief executive to experience the power of Big Data.

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  • Eight outstanding honorees recognized by UNC Charlotte Alumni Association

    Alumni and friends of the University are among the staunchest supporters of an institution, and this year, the UNC Charlotte Alumni Association recognized eight individuals as part of the Alumniner Weekend.

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  • Literary festival to celebrate how stories are told

    The UNC Charlotte Center City Literary Festival will be an opportunity to celebrate how stories are told, with participants able to join in nearly a day full of activities for all ages.

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  • Kinesiology experts debate the benefits of standing desks

    Kinesiology lecturer Juliana Marino and Adam Lavis, a clinical exercise physiologist who runs UNC Charlotte’s kinesiology labs, collaborated to provide expert insight into the standing desk conversation.

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Student Spotlights

  • Tyler Carrier, Biology Ph.D. student


    Tyler Carrier, Biology Ph.D. student

    Beneath the surface of the sea exists a vast world that UNC Charlotte student researcher Tyler Carrier explores through research at the intersection of evolutionary ecology, oceanography, and microbiology.

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  • Brenda Tindal

    Brenda Tindal

    Alumna, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

    UNC Charlotte alumna Brenda Tindal, who is Levine Museum of the New South staff historian, sees history as a way to build community, while deepening our understanding of the past’s persistent influence.

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  • Larry Ogunjobi, '16


    Larry Ogunjobi, '16

    As great as Ogunjobi was on the football field, his academic prowess was equally noteworthy.

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  • Alisha Parker

    Alisha Parker

    Senior, Belk College of Business

    Alisha moved from Goldsboro, NC to Charlotte to transform. “Everyone wanted me to stay close to home, but I saw myself becoming more.” After two campus visits, UNC Charlotte felt right. She found new people and experiences.

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  • Urban mosquito project

    Researchers at UNC Charlotte and the Mecklenburg County Health Department are collaborating on a study to determine which factors in the environment lead to hotspots of mosquito activity

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  • Students Address Economic Mobility

    Geography undergraduate students Jamal Covington and Devin Martin have devised a way for neighborhood residents to use mobile devices to report community issues.

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  • Investigating Multimodal Transportation

    UNC Charlotte receives $7.7 million federal grant for transportation research to improve efficiency and relieve urban congestion.

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  • Understanding wildfire spread

    Researchers from UNC Charlotte’s Fire Safety Engineering Technology program and the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) are burning building materials and wildland vegetation to study wind-driven wildfire embers to understand the risks involved when embers from wildfires spread.

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Faculty Spotlights

  • Tracy Rock

    Tracy Rock, Associate Professor of Reading and Elementary Education

    Tracy Rock wanted to teach but wasn’t sure that studying education would work for her financially. Then she was accepted into the first class of NC Teaching Fellows, with a scholarship, allowing her to attend UNC Charlotte.

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  • Lori Thomas

    Lori Thomas, Associate Professor of Social Work

    The innovative “housing-first” approach to homelessness starts with a stable place to live and then assists with other problems. Lori Thomas’ research proves this approach to homelessness is working in Mecklenburg County.

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  • Jefferson Ellinger

    Jefferson Ellinger, Associate Professor of Architecture

    As a School of Architecture associate professor, Jefferson Ellinger specializes in sustainable design technique. He asks students to think about architecture and buildings in a way that will hopefully advancing the discipline.

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  • Pinku Mukherjee

    Pinku Mukherjee, Irwin Belk Endowed Professor

    “Cancer is 200 different diseases, so no one person will eradicate them all,” says Dr. Mukherjee. “However, several faculty researchers each focused on one disease can attack cancer by working together.”

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