Kaja Dunn

Assistant Professor of Acting

An actor, director and activist, Kaja Dunn brings her engaged scholarship into the classroom and onto the stage.

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Steven G. Rogelberg

Chancellor’s Professor

Steven Rogelberg is a pioneering researcher in the field of organizational science.

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E.E. Balcos

Associate Professor of Dance

“E. E. Balcos is quietly revolutionizing the Department of Dance curriculum,” says Chair Ann Dils.

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Drew Polly

Associate Professor of Reading and Elementary Education

Polly believes learning is an ongoing process that occurs by personalizing and making sense of concepts and knowledge that people encounter through meaningful experiences.

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Heather Perry

Associate Professor of History

Perry cultivates historical skills in all of her students that allow them to develop an extremely versatile and coveted skillset.

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Robert Cox

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

Whether teaching undergraduate or graduate courses, Cox strives to create solid, fundamental engineers by instilling three pedagogical goals: an understanding of the importance of physical modeling, an understanding of how to design and build systems and the development of physical intuition.

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Adam Reitzel

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Marine biologist Adam Reitzel’s research is transforming the way science is taught.

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Kathleen Jordan

Clinical Nursing Professor

Jordan is leading research that includes two phases. First, participants will learn from experts during an educational seminar. Presenters include a sexual assault nurse examiner who will discuss the examination of sexually abused children and evidence collection; a social worker will provide instruction about the manner in which to talk with children who have been abused.

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Mark Wilson

History Professor

Wilson has done research in the archives of companies that made weapons for World War II and in military and government archives. His search led him to the records of Boeing, Ford, DuPont, the businesses owned by Henry Kaiser and other important war contractors.

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Jefferson Ellinger

Associate Professor of Architecture

As a School of Architecture associate professor, Jefferson Ellinger specializes in sustainable design technique. He asks students to think about architecture and buildings in a way that will hopefully advancing the discipline.

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