• OUTSpoken to present 'The Year We Thought About Love'

    A screening of the film “The Year We Thought about Love” is set for 6 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 23, in the Cone University Center, McKnight Hall; it is being shown as part of the University’s annual OUTSpoken event.

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  • Six alums honored with 2018 Excellence in Leadership Awards

    The eighth annual Excellence in Leadership Awards were bestowed upon six outstanding alumni at a campus luncheon held in the Harris Alumni Center at Johnson Glen on Friday, Oct. 12.

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  • UNC Charlotte honors 10 outstanding young alumni during Homecoming

    UNC Charlotte’s young alumni waste no time in making marks in their fields and in the community, as evidenced by the inaugural 10 Under Ten Award winners - among them: a creative designer working in Los Angeles,; a fashion designer who styles Charlotte executives and a YouTube show host using her media platform to spread positive vibes.

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  • Communication studies professor offers his five must-see horror films

    After more than a century of film production, the horror film remains a staple of genre production across the globe. Here are a handful of relatively recent films that foreground the genre’s ability to spook individuals while recognizing that the scariest monsters are most always all too human.

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  • Theoretical physicist provided glimpse of the future

    “How many of you have seen the movie ‘The Martian?’’’ asked futurist and theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, scanning the room as scores of hands shot up. “That movie cost $100 million to make. The Indian government sent a probe to Mars for $75 million. A Hollywood movie about going to Mars now costs more than going to Mars.”

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Student Spotlights

  • Elliot Provance '03

    Elliot Provance '03

    Alumnus, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

    A UNC Charlotte degree can open doors. As Director of Collections and Exhibition at Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, Elliot Provance uses his biology degree to inspire curious thinkers.

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  • Devin Yates

    Devin Yates

    Senior, College of Health and Human Services

    While recovering from major war injuries, elite U.S. Army veteran Devin Yates found inspiration to pursue a career helping others recuperate. Devin is an emerging leader on campus, and his story illustrates how UNC Charlotte has remained true to its origins as an institution committed to serving veterans.

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  • Wyatt Shely

    Wyatt Shely

    Junior, Belk College of Business

    Finance major Wyatt Shely came to UNC Charlotte to pursue a successful career in the finance industry. Charlotte’s status as a leading financial center and the University’s strong business opportunities made the Belk College of Business a perfect fit.

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  • Crystal Cruz '17

    Crystal Cruz

    Alumna, Belk College of Business

    UNC Charlotte is a top choice for first-generation students. Crystal Cruz ’17 came to UNC Charlotte where she had the opportunity to realize her dreams of a college education.

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  • Davian Robinson and Robinson Hall

    Davian Robinson

    Senior, College of Arts + Architecture

    Visually impaired Senior Davian Robinson uses dance and choreography to make the most of his opportunities at UNC Charlotte. His unique experiences break down barriers and inspire others.

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  • Urban mosquito project

    Researchers at UNC Charlotte and the Mecklenburg County Health Department are collaborating on a study to determine which factors in the environment lead to hotspots of mosquito activity

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  • Understanding wildfire spread

    Researchers from UNC Charlotte’s Fire Safety Engineering Technology program and the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) are burning building materials and wildland vegetation to study wind-driven wildfire embers to understand the risks involved when embers from wildfires spread.

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  • Investigating Multimodal Transportation

    UNC Charlotte receives $7.7 million federal grant for transportation research to improve efficiency and relieve urban congestion.

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  • Students Address Economic Mobility

    Geography undergraduate students Jamal Covington and Devin Martin have devised a way for neighborhood residents to use mobile devices to report community issues.

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Faculty Spotlights

  • Tony Schmitz

    Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science

    Schmitz said his role in every course is to "train decision makers not problem solvers.”

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  • Drew Polly

    Associate Professor of Reading and Elementary Education

    Polly believes learning is an ongoing process that occurs by personalizing and making sense of concepts and knowledge that people encounter through meaningful experiences.

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  • Heather Perry

    Associate Professor of History

    Perry cultivates historical skills in all of her students that allow them to develop an extremely versatile and coveted skillset.

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  • Celine Latulipe

    Software and Information Systems Professor

    Latulipe guides research students in novel and interdisciplinary ways to pursue research at the intersection of art and technology with a focus on creativity and design.

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  • Robert Cox

    Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

    Whether teaching undergraduate or graduate courses, Cox strives to create solid, fundamental engineers by instilling three pedagogical goals: an understanding of the importance of physical modeling, an understanding of how to design and build systems and the development of physical intuition.

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