Class of 2020 Spotlight: Bonnie Ruan

Friday, January 8, 2021

Bonnie Ruan 

Hometown: Anguilla 

Major(s)/Minor(s): Computer Science, Mathematics Minor 

UNC Charlotte Highlights/Favorite Memory: I have so many amazing memories at UNC Charlotte. From the extraordinary clubs and organizations to the football and basketball games. But I would have to say just walking around campus with a good music playlist was my favorite. I loved climbing the steps by Halton Arena or even the first few walks to the EPIC building before realizing there was a bus I could’ve caught. Campus walks gave me the opportunity to clear my head, meditate and just relax.

Scholarship(s): Tapia Scholarship, Grace Hopper Scholarship 

Internships: Allstate Cloud Engineer, Bank Of America Business Analyst, Pigpocket LLC Back End Product Manager

Internships are so important; it gives students the opportunity to understand life outside the classroom and trust me it’s way different. I got the opportunity to network, earn an income and most importantly gain experiences.

Post-graduation plans: I started my first business, Rêver ID. Rêver is a digital consulting agency that focuses on web and app development, graphic design and digital marketing. Besides my entrepreneurial spirit, I’m actively undergoing final round interviews with two companies in North Carolina as a QA engineer and cloud engineer.

Professor who made a difference in your educational journey and why?

Der Vang made a huge impact on my education and my life. At one of my lowest points in life, Der was unknowingly giving my life purpose by presenting me with many opportunities to teach, learn and showcase my talents. Through this process, I was able to truly understand what I wanted to do. Without her support I don’t know where I would’ve been today. Thanks, Der!

Quote about UNC Charlotte experience:

I’ve held my acceptance to UNC Charlotte in the highest regard. I love this University. I love our pride, but most of all I love that I was supported from start to finish. I was never judged, never belittled. Instead, I was groomed and motivated to accomplish things I never thought I could. Thank you, UNC Charlotte. Go Niners!