Leading Online: Faculty Are Gearing Up For the Start of the Fall Online Semester

Monday, September 7, 2020

Knowing that virtual classes might be a reality for fall 2020, UNC Charlotte faculty “went back to school” this summer to learn effective and proven ways to adapt their courses for optimal online teaching and learning. Through workshops offered by the UNC System and the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, faculty “upped their online game” and are prepared for virtual classroom success. We reached out to faculty members across campus to see how they are aligning online teaching with students' learning needs and expections.


Matt Metzgar, Economics

Check out how Metzgar is approaching a few of his courses this fall semester.

Kaja Dunn, Theater

Check out how Dunn is preparing for the unique challenge of teaching acting classes.

Florence Martin, Educational Leadership

Check out how Martin, an expert in online instructional design, is putting her years of research into practice teaching the educators of the future.

Harini Ramaprasad, Computer Science

Check out how Ramaprasad is planning to bring a collaborative, student-focused approach to her courses.

Amanda Dexter, Respiratory Therapy

Check out how Dexter is approaching her classroom of respiratory therapists, who regularly find themselves on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

Bobby Hobgood, French

Check out how Hobgood is preparing to teach a foreign language in a slightly foreign learning environment.

Regina Vrikkis, Mechanical Engineering

Check out how Vrikkis is using the challenge of remote learning as an opportunity to infuse a little personality and femininity into the male-dominated field of engineering.