Science podcast goes ‘Down the Wormhole’ on COVID-19

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Monday, March 23, 2020

What is COVID-19? What’s being done to manage this pandemic and what can you do to stay safe? UNC Charlotte science education expert Ian Binns and colleagues investigated those questions and more on the latest episode of their podcast “Down the Wormhole.” They were joined by Daniel Janies, a UNC Charlotte bioinformatics and genomics professor who studies how viruses develop and spread, for a deeper look at the novel coronavirus.

Listen to the podcast.

Down the Wormhole is a podcast that explores the relationship between science and religion. Hosts interview fellow scientists, clergy, writers, educators, activists, and artists, in an effort to navigate important questions surrounding the discourse in and between both areas.  It was created by five former Sinai and Synapses fellows, an interfaith, interdisciplinary fellowship seeking to elevate the discourse between science and religion.