Niner Nation Remembers website launches, remembrance commission formed

Monday, May 6, 2019

UNC Charlotte has created the Niner Nation Remembers website as a way to honor Riley Howell and Ellis Reed Parlier and support the four other students who suffered injuries in the April 30 attack on campus.

Chancellor Philip L. Dubois, in a message announcing the website’s launch, wrote, “The events of last week are woven into the fabric that binds Niner Nation together, from the fear and shock we shared as the tragedy unfolded to the acts of heroism and sacrifice that saved many lives.”

The remembrance website includes an index of information from the week, such as messages from the chancellor, along with a photo gallery and a video of the campus vigil. Additionally, the website will permit individuals to share their personal thoughts and reflections on the tragedy.

The University has formed a Niner Nation Remembrance Commission to provide guidance on how the institution will memorialize Howell and Parlier; the commission will consult with both families during this process.

The chancellor also reiterated that “my continuing priority will be the safety and security of our campus. It is my responsibility to keep you informed of all the work that we do, including the results of the independent external after-action review of the incident that we will commission.”