Plan now to make the most of SHRA performance appraisals

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

When the Human Resources Department launched a new SHRA performance management program, NinerTalent STAKES, two years ago, the goal was to help supervisors and employees set meaningful performance goals for the success of the individual, unit and University. It also was designed to promote more ongoing, two-way communication regarding these goals.

The first step in the annual evaluation process for most SHRA employees is the self-appraisal, which provides an honest reflection of an employee’s own performance during the past year; it serves to jump-start a conversation with supervisors on future objectives for the unit and even career development goals.

In preparation of the self-appraisal process, the NinerTalent system sent an email message to prompt employees to begin their self-appraisals on March 1. Employees have until Thursday, March 28, to complete this action.

SHRA employees should

  • Review their performance plans and any notes and feedback from off-cycle reviews or feedback sessions
  • Gather examples of work products and successes
  • Review past comments from peers, supervisors and other stakeholders
  • Identify obstacles and areas of improvement from the last year
  • Think about their personal and professional goals for the upcoming year

To help employees realize their personal and professional goals, they are encouraged to subscribe to the new Google Group by following these steps. The group shares information about internal and external workshops, conferences, seminars, online learning and guest speakers offered by Learning and Organizational Development, Information Technology Services, Admin Forum, Continuing Education, Executive Education, Center for Teaching and Learning and more.

Another great resource is the 2019 Learning and Organizational Development Catalog, which features more than 80 workshops and 150 individual sessions as well as 3,000-plus online modules and books through Skillport.

Employees in full-time, permanent positions are granted three tuition waivers per academic year, which means they are able to take three courses per academic year at any constituent institution of the UNC System for free.

Departments can choose to fund professional development through the Academic Assistance Program for work-related courses. For more information on education benefits, visit the Human Resources website.

For more information or questions about performance management, visit the NinerTalent STAKES section of the Human Resources website or contact Paulette Russell, HR consultant, at 704-687-0660 or email