Friday, August 10, 2018
University welcomes new employees

UNC Charlotte welcomed the following new staff and faculty members during the Aug.7 New Employee Orientation session:

Robert Eachus, assistant athletic trainer
Aaron Fearne, assistant men’s basketball coach

Building Environmental Services
Carolyn Belton, building environmental technician
Joe Berger, building environmental technician
Reon Jones, building environmental technician

Environmental Health and Safety
Michael Derr, fire safety specialist

Financial Aid
Tia Washington, administrative support specialist

Financial Services
Kenneth Smith, director of university budgets and financial planning

Information Technology Services
Branden Rosenlieb, system programmer/specialist

Institutional Integrity
Bradley Trahan, assistant general counsel

Lee College of Engineering
Amanda Boyea, administrative support associate

Deborah Hudson, university program specialist
Michael Moore, university program specialist

Student Activity Center and Venue Management
Jonathan Neeley, building environmental technician

Student Health Center
Angela Dobson, nurse

Parking and Transportation Services
Alanna Sherrow, administrative support associate

UNC Charlotte Center City
Roderick Lorenzen, university program specialist
Jessie Miller, administrative support associate

University Center for Academic Excellence
Nicholas Everage, administrative support specialist

New Employee Orientation, coordinated by the Human Resources Department, is now a four-hour class with the remaining 12 hours of content moved to a new, online University onboarding course in Canvas.  Now, new employees can work at their own pace to complete the course within their first 120-days on the job. Visit the learning and organizational development website for more information.

Photo: (front row, left to right) Roderick Lorenzen, Jessie Miller, Michael Moore, Jonathan Neeley, Branden Rosenlieb, Alanna Sherrow, Kenneth Smith and Bradley Trahan; (back row, left to right) Carolyn Belton, Joe Berger, Amanda Boyea, Michael Derr, Angela Dobson, Robert Eachus, Nicholas Everage, Aaron Fearne, Deborah Hudson and Reon Jones.