Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Student veterans, their spouses and dependents, along with members of the Dean of Students Office, recently participated in a special self-defense/sexual assault prevention workshop.

UNC Charlotte’s Title IX Office and Police and Public Safety Department can provide assistance and programming focused on educating and preventing sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. The Counseling Center and the Center for Wellness Promotion also provide resources and services.

However, this special self-defense/sexual assault prevention workshop, held April 28 in Belk Gym, was an opportunity to provide participants information about the laws regarding self-defense, the importance of constant awareness of one's environment, particularly when unaccompanied in public spaces where assailants might be present, and basic techniques that could be utilized should a situation turn potentially violent.

Christopher Rogers, programming coordinator for Veteran Services, scheduled the event. He said the University’s annual Take Back the Night event was the impetus to arrange the workshop.

“UNC Charlotte is a safe campus and has taken proactive measures with regards to sexual assault and prevention. But April’s Take Back the Night spotlighted the need for continual awareness of the potential not only for sexual assault and harassment but other situations that could put individuals at risk,” said Rogers.

He added the workshop provided real-world information and enabled participants to practice self-defense techniques that could prove life-saving in the event of an assault. “Most people only recognize the importance of this type of training after it’s too late."