Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Three undergraduate students were honored for outstanding posters at the fourth annual Summer Research Symposium as part of the Charlotte Research Scholars program. More than 100 students competed in the competition presenting on a broad range of topics of scholarly inquiry.

“Undergraduate research through the Charlotte Research Scholars program enhances the student learning experience and expands the intellectual vitality of the University. Undergraduate researchers tackle important, real-world questions ranging from how to improve K-12 education to improving disease prevention and from enhancing the livability of urban communities to understanding and protecting the environment,” explained Tom Reynolds, associate provost and dean of the Graduate School.

This year’s Best Poster winners were: Alexis Friesz for “Hunger and Food Insecurity among College Students: Understanding the Problem and Identifying Solutions” in the category social sciences, humanities, education, business and arts (Kim Buch, mentor); Kenneth Panora for “Effective Treatment of Malignant Ovarian Cancer Cells by Means of Nanoparticle Coated Aptamers” in the natural sciences and public health category (Christine Richardson, mentor); and Eli Bostian for “Electrical Properties of Simple Devices Glued with D-Sorbitol Doped PEDOT:PSS” in the engineering, nanomaterials and computing category (Michael Walter, mentor).

Undergraduates who received honorable mention were Katelyn DeZego and Latavia Hill (natural sciences and public health), Benjamin Kantner (engineering, nanomaterials and computing) and Kiersten McDonald (social sciences, humanities, education, business and the arts).

Charlotte Research Scholars began in 2012 as a platform for high-achieving undergraduate students to gain valuable research experience and professional development in their field of interest.

UNC Charlotte provides funding to these rising seniors, and they receive one-on-one, faculty-guided research training during the nine-week program. In addition to working alongside esteemed graduate faculty, scholars participate in weekly professional development sessions to better prepare them for graduate school and a future research career.

The CRS is supported by UNC Charlotte's the Office of Academic Affairs, Charlotte Research Institute, the Duke Energy Special Initiatives Fund, and the Graduate School.

Photo (left to right): Best poster recipients Alexis Friesz, Eli Bostian and Kenneth Panora