August 2017

Music faculty to perform new dance-opera based on James Joyce

Date Published: August 10, 2017

Faculty in the UNC Charlotte Department of Music will perform the world premiere of a new “dance-opera” at 7 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 19, in the Johnson Studio Theatre at Winthrop University.

Researchers to study method for supporting grandparents raising grandchildren

Date Published: August 9, 2017
A new UNC Charlotte study is set to evaluate the impact of an educational intervention aimed at supporting grandparents raising their grandchildren.

Historian compares treatment of nomadic people by U.S., Russia

Date Published: August 9, 2017
As UNC Charlotte historian Steven Sabol sees it, his new book is a happy coincidence of fly-fishing and history. During a 2006 fishing trip to trout-filled Nez Perce Creek in Yellowstone National Park, Sabol spied a sign with tantalizingly scant details about the flight of the Nez Perce through the park in the 19th century.

Exponential student: Women’s golfer Mary Kate Hiller

Date Published: August 8, 2017
The PGA Championship isn't the only golf news in Charlotte these days. The Charlotte 49ers women's golf team is gearing up for its debut this fall. Mary Kate Hiller, a freshman from Florida, said the program offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity that she could not pass up.

Freedom School volunteers demonstrate their impact

Date Published: August 8, 2017
Majid Powell, a rising senior, is one of 27 UNC Charlotte students spending the summer serving as student leader interns with Freedom School Partners. “There is a lot at stake,” said the middle grade education major. “Saying that means we acknowledge that we bear some responsibility to be part of the solution.”

Charlotte Teacher Early College to give future educators a head start

Date Published: August 7, 2017
The first students to start school on the UNC Charlotte campus this fall are not undergraduates but 55 high school freshmen. This morning, UNC Charlotte welcomed the inaugural class of the Charlotte Teacher Early College (CTEC), a new five-year program for Charlotte-Mecklenburg students interested in a career in education.

UNC Charlotte researchers, community organizations advancing ‘The Charlotte Girl’

Date Published: August 3, 2017
“The Story of the Charlotte Girl” is one of opportunities and resources, and it is the focus of a nearly yearlong initiative of UNC Charlotte’s Women + Girls Research Alliance.

East Charlotte reading camp a promising model for future programs

Date Published: August 3, 2017
A summer camp designed by the Cato College of Education is providing a free, literacy-rich experience for dozens of east Charlotte elementary students while helping researchers uncover best practices for programs of the future.

Theatre professor wins Princess Grace Award

Date Published: August 3, 2017

CarlosAlexis Cruz, assistant professor of physical theatre, has received a 2017 Works in Progress Residency Award from the Princess Grace Foundation.

University’s revolutionary additive manufacturing partnership showcased

Date Published: August 3, 2017

UNC Charlotte, N.C. A&T University and N.C. State University are researching additive manufacturing through a Research Opportunities Initiative grant from UNC General Administration.