Four 49ers picked in Major League Baseball Draft

Friday, June 16, 2017

In the 2017 MLB Draft, four Charlotte 49ers were selected, and all four players went to teams in the American League's East Division. For the first time in school history, three of the four picks went during the top 10 rounds while the four total selections tied a school record for most taken in a single draft. 

Brett Netzer became the fourth-highest draftee from Charlotte, going in round three to the Boston Red Sox. Colton Laws followed as a seventh-round pick, going to Toronto. T.J. Nichting wrapped up the top-10 as a ninth-round selection, heading to Baltimore. Nichting will have 49er teammate Zach Jarrett join him in the Orioles organization as the fellow senior was picked up in the 28th round on Wednesday. 

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