Tuesday, March 14, 2017

For his leadership in foreign language education throughout North Carolina and nationally, UNC Charlotte’s Bobby Hobgood has received the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina (FLANC) Honorary Life Member Award.

Hobgood, director of the Language Resource Center, was recognized at the association’s 50th annual conference. The Language Resource Center is a technology-enhanced facility that supports foreign language and ESL learning and teaching, working with students and faculty in the Department of Languages and Culture Studies and the English Language Training Institute.

Described as a consummate language educator who is dedicated to learners of all ages, Hobgood has served as a valuable asset to the association. He was also honored for having one of the top 10 presentations and previously was named the top presenter for FLANC at the Southern Conference on Language Teaching.

Colleagues described Hobgood as a strong supporter of professional development for foreign language teachers and as someone who was ahead of the curve with technology trends. Associates said he is always willing to share expertise with others for the ultimate goal of engaging, meaningful experiences for students.

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